The first question is
"Who's on the bus?"

In his famous book "Good to Great", Jim Collins describes the results of his research into how a company becomes great, not just good but GREAT. There are multiple factors, of course, but by far the biggest one of them - the right people. Who's on the bus is a lot more important than the current vision, products, pricing or marketing. All of that can change. With like-minded, talented people no obstacle is big enough. We're looking for those with whom we can continue our journey of achievement, fun, and satisfaction!

Technical Jobs

To fit our culture, all you need to have is enthusiasm for technology, inquisitive technical mind, thirst for knowledge, and passion for customers.

MSP Help Desk Technician

MSP Help Desk is different from any other. We're dealing with many different networks, and it's never boring. This job is firefighting! Anyone who argues that Help Desk isn't firefighting has never spent a minute on a phone with an end user. But who would claim that solving technology problems isn’t fun? Only those who aren't cut for this. We're looking for someone who is!

If we have to define a Help Desk level for this job, we'd say Level 1, but in our case it means being able to resolve 80-90% of issues on the first call. So truly, this is more than Level 1. Keep in mind we don't have Level 3. You own the problem. If you need to escalate it, there's only one more level to go (no pressure, of course).

Here is your typical day (see if you can keep doing this with enthusiasm and smile on a continuous basis):

- Jump on tickets as they come in and provide remote support - Get on the phone with end users and keep them calm while you're figuring out what they’ve done wrong - Research a product / solution to advise those sales guys on how to not mess up the next project - Jump in the car and go onsite to replace a troubled device - Come back to jump on the phone (another user, hopefully) - Realize a process you've been asked to follow is stupid...come up with a better, simpler one...SELL IT! - Play a basketball match on Xbox…show that big mouth who's who - Complete an online training class

You should have 1-3 years of experience in the following:

- Windows 7 - Local Area Networking - Microsoft Office Suite - Browsers - Virus removal - PC hardware

Nice to have skills:

- Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, Active Directory - Sonicwall - Office 365 - Certifications like A+ - Over 1 year of customer service experience in a fast pace environment

We're trying to hire smart people who want to get stuff done and know how to do it. There isn't much else to say about this position. If you have the skills and the drive to get your job done well, you'll feel at home here.

One more thing - you must have a good car and a valid driver's license.

This position pays up to $65K to start and has tons of room for growth. One thing is for certain - the right person will not feel undercompensated. We have standard benefits like vacation, sick days, health/dental. There are bonuses when things are done exceptionally well. Training and learning new skills are a constant part of the landscape.

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Senior Help Desk Specialist

Troubleshooter Extraordinaire Needed!

We’re not talking about someone who CAN troubleshoot. We’re looking for someone who LOVES troubleshooting! A trained killer on our Help Desk team who can tie all the loose ends together.

You will mostly deal with interesting (for the right person), hard to figure our issues. Not to say that you won’t be relaxing from time to time on smaller problems like “I can’t connect to the Internet” or “my printer isn’t working”, but those are mostly handled by our Level I Help Desk folks. Your job is to kill elephants (figuratively speaking, because we love elephants – they are smart animals).

What you’ll need to do is finding root causes and resolve issues once and for all. These issues include application integration problems (local and cloud apps), network slowdowns, etc.

You must have at least 5 years of MSP experience and possess deep knowledge in the following areas:

Windows 7 Windows Server 2008, 2012 Local and Wide Area Networking Active Directory Firewalls (preferably SonicWalls) Cisco networking VPN Dell servers

Very nice to have skills:

VMware – vSphere, Horizon View EMC storage – VNXe line Network security Applications – medical (eClinical, Allscripts), financial (NetX, Bloomberg), dental (Dentrix, EagleSoft, Dexis, Gendex)

Our philosophy is to hire smart people who can get stuff done and manage themselves – micromanagement is an insult. If you have the skills and the drive, you'll find home here.

One more thing, you must have a good car and a valid driver's license – sometimes thing can only be solved on-site.

This position pays up to 75K to start depending on experience. Going forward, your compensation will reflect your effort and contribution, but one thing is for certain – you won’t feel undercompensated. We have standard benefits like vacation, sick days, health/dental. There are bonuses when things are done exceptionally well. Training and learning new skills are a constant part of the landscape.

In summary, we’re looking for stars who just need the right environment to shine. Are you one of them?

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Sales Jobs

Nothing happens unless someone sells something. This is definitely our philosophy – you can count on being in an environment that appreciates and nurtures sales professionals.

Inside Sales

In this position, you’re responsible for database management and prospecting. You’ll target decision makers at companies with up to 250 employees in certain industries. Supported by marketing efforts, your energy and skills should yield a continuous stream of prospects. A proven sales process combined with your personality and knowledge will ensure those prospects are well qualified.


- Follow the process – we have one that works…just inject your personality and have fun! - Prospecting – cold calls, e-mails, networking…whatever keeps the pipeline full - Effort – keep activities at a constant level...avoid a slump - Learning – improving sales skills and understanding of new technologies


An ideal candidate would have inside sales experience, not necessarily in the IT industry, even though it’s a plus. What you need in the first place is a certain way of carrying yourself. You know, the way that radiates energy, confidence and fun! Reasons to look for a new job can include finding a company to match his/her aspirations but cannot include lacking the ability to sell!


- Base + aggressive commissions structure - Goal of $60K+ for the first year

How to apply:

1. Include 1 paragraph cover letter (in the body of your e-mail) stating your prospecting and sales achievements for the past 2 years. Be specific on numbers (contacts per day, sales per month/quarter/year)

2. Attach resume – please include a statement of objectives accurately describing your true feelings on this matter, not a general “I’m looking for a challenging environment…”

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Admin Jobs

The most brilliant engineers and most effective salespeople won't get far without equally brilliant and effective admin people who can keep the entire machine well oiled and maintained.

Customer Service Leader

We need a dedicated professional to manage a steady stream of both customer facing and internal tasks. This position has a healthy balance of standard and creative duties.

We expect you to get stuff done on a tight schedule but NO multitasking. It doesn’t work. One task at a time, but every one done well! If you say “I’ll take care of it” we should know it’ll be done the right way and on time!

Here is your typical week. See if you can do the following with enthusiasm and smile on a continuous basis:

- Answer incoming calls / e-mails
- Filter them
- Assist the company’s President communicating with customers/vendors/partners
- Create / run reports
- Research technology products (work with clients and engineers to fully understand requirements)
- Order products / services
- Assist Sales with research of solutions and putting together beautiful proposals
- Shop for office supplies
- Help putting together a marketing piece (find cool images for it, proofread the copy)
- See it being sent out (find a few vendors, get some bids, recommend one with the best value)
- Realize a process you’ve been asked to follow is stupid…propose a better, simpler one…SELL IT!

As to the skills needed, we’d like to avoid the usual “excellent communication, organizational and Excel skills required”. We try to employ smart people who can figure things out and get stuff done. Do you feel you have the skills to manage tasks listed above?

When it comes to tools, we use an industry standard business management application that’s very easy to learn, Microsoft Office (mostly Word and Excel) and some Web based apps.

This is a salaried, $35K - $40K, full time position with health insurance, vacation, sick days, etc. There will be a review within 6 months or so to figure out if whatever compensation you received at the beginning is still relevant. Our goal is to hire a star and to compensate accordingly. If you’re everything we’ve dreamed of and more, you won’t be sorry you came aboard!

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