Simplifying IT

The world of technology is complex with many products, solutions, vendors, approaches, etc. On top of that, security threats are very real and regulatory burdens aren't getting any lighter. Call us today to discuss ways to simplify IT at your organization to make your technology more robust and user friendly.

Secure by Design

We assume that somebody is always watching. And we design to always keep them out.

IT Policy

Security starts here. Defining a policy with the right balance of permissions and restrictions is the first step to a secure network.

User Training

This is an ongoing battle and users can hardly be blamed. The security landscape is always changing - our job is to keep your people aware.


Our designs are based on SANS Top 20 and NIST frameworks. Using industry's latest best practices is how we stay on top of things.

24x7 Monitoring

The bad guys are at work around the clock. Keeping up with all the cyber-thugs requires not only skills but also dedication and drive.

Compliant by Default

In our view, compliance is a result and a by-product of a well designed, secure computer system. Our methodology is based on this philosophy.


This is not a rocket science, but it does require dedicated and knowledgeable people. Assessment against security industry and regulatory standards is a first step towards your compliance.


Once assessment results are in, we'll develop a phased plan to address shortcomings and reinforce strong sides.


A lot of compliance deliverables is showing a steady progress in fixing security holes. We're holding a pretty good track record in delivering improvements on time and on budget.


Compliance doesn't start until you can show records and documentation. Up to day reporting of steps taken and results achieved is as important as taking those steps. You'll have complete and timely reports, whenever needed.

Managed by the Pros

Security is at the core of our offering, but it has many other components that directly and indirectly impact data safety and regulatory compliance.

Infrastructure architecture

Our infrastructure design philosophy is "secure from ground up". Your benefits include lower overall technology costs due to reduced downtime and peace of mind thanks to reduced exposures to security risks.


Professional services using latest project management methodologies to deliver on time and on budget.


A watchful eye over your entire network. Monitoring sets are individually designed for your specific system requirements.

Ongoing Maintenance

Microsoft and 3rd party patches, anti-virus management and all other upkeep tasks of your network components.

Help Desk

No matter how well a system is designed and how meticulously it is maintained, users will still need help. Our support is just a phone call away.

IT Management

This may be the most important aspect of what we do - ongoing management of your entire IT infrastructure including policies, vendors, training, etc.